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Clean-Burning Coal

When it comes to environmentally conscious solid fuels, our clean coal makes the grade.  Rossi Coal Company's commitment to a great product includes testing to ensure high BTUs, low ash, and sizing.  We run our minerals over various screens to produce different coal sizes; including barley, rice, nut and buck.

Convenient Coal Deliveries and Pick-up

We offer local delivery to the Hazleton PA and surrounding areas.  We have two trucks available for prompt shipping.  Our fleet features a high lift truck that holds up to 7 tons.  Please be advised, we have a 2-ton minimum for our coal deliveries.  When we bring the minerals to your place, we take extra precautions to unload your coal carefully without causing a mess on your property.  If you prefer to pick-up the quality coal you need, please stop in.  We are conveniently located on Route 93 and are here from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Coal Delivery